Saturday, January 12, 2008

St. Mary, Wakeman

The organ is not original with the church...added sometime in the early 1900's. It plays and sounds very nice for it's age and condition.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Even more interesting than the mirror is the fact that the decoration on the pipes has survived. I wonder if they got it new or used.

irene said...

Does anyone know any more about this unusual little organ? It appears to be homemade, and that reversed keyboard is unusual in a church.

Alex Fries said...

I doubt it was homemade, but there was no brand name on it anywhere that i could see. You have to remember that back then the reverse colors was a popular thing, in organs and pianos alike.

Anonymous said...

the organ was recycled from a church in Sandusky. they built pulleys to install the console up into the loft. My Grandfather and several other parishioners went and took the organ apart and moved it from Sandusky and installed it. My mother watched them install the organ in the early 1950's. Evidently the Priest was friends with another Priest of a church in Sandusky that was getting a new organ. My mom said that the decorations on the pipes were original to the organ.

My mother thinks that the keyboard came that way and she thinks maybe it was recycled from a harpsichord . she said that you need to find Joyce Mockler in Norwalk (my grandfather Patrick Nolan's cousin). Mom said that the old organ went to the Murray home and that it may still be in the Murray families possession.

Dale Russell