Tuesday, January 15, 2019

St. Sebastian Demolition

After years of fighting for preservation and transfer of ownership by the community, the demolition of St. Sebastian in Bismark is nearly complete. What a sad and needless loss of yet another Catholic church, and a very historical one at that. One of the oldest in the Diocese, predating the Civil War by decades.

I've heard from some people that the bell tower may remain, but this is only hearsay. The stained glass, pews, paintings, and other objects from the church have been saved by the community, hopefully to be reused in some way. The organ was moved to another Catholic church in Ohio.

I took this picture just a few weeks ago.

Once the crews are done at St. Sebastian, they will head over to Reed Assumption to do the same. 

See this page in the Norwalk Reflector for some pictures of the demolition:   


With the way things are going, it's only going to get worse. If this irks you, step up and fight for preservation in your communities!