Monday, September 29, 2008

St. Michael, Gibsonburg

Photo from "Twentieth Century History of Sandusky County Ohio and its Representative Citizens" by Basil Meek, 1909.

Rev. John B. Wendling, pastor of Gibsonburg (and missions in Woodville and Elmore), 1901 - 1913.

St. Mary, Clyde

Photo taken before 1909.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A New Look ...

Just noticed the updates to the website of the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation. Many new features to check out, including a Photo Gallery (under the "About" link) and a blog from Fr. J.R.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rosary Cathedral


To the new permanent deacons, Phillip Avina of St. Aloysius, Bowling Green; Michael Eier, of St. Michael, Findlay; Joseph Malenfant, of St. Joseph, Maumee; and especially Trevor Fernandes pf St. Joseph, Toledo, who were ordained at the cathedral on Saturday.

St. Hedwig

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Early years of St. Joseph, Monroeville

The First church. It was originally the Methodist church. It was then bought in 1863.

Below is the original plan for the new St. Joseph's. They ran out of money before the got to the tower and most of the finer details. Rev. J.M. Peutz (who started the building) decided that it was too much a strain on himself and the parish to continue. He felt it was good enough to worship in.

Not sure when the picture below was taken, but probably before 1900. Hopefully i can get more details on that later and then make a re-post. It appears to be one of the founding pastor's funeral, but i'm not sure.


Yes, I know I made it too small. Too tired to care. We'll deal with it tomorrow.
I'm worn out, smug, and insanely happy. So, sue me.
Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the Cathedral and from today's concert at St. Hedwig's.

Back online!

St. Anthony's in Milan Ohio's website is now back up and running!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

John Verment, Architect

Must give credit where credit's due . . . a 1898 article about the dedication of Marion St. Mary's Church says that the architect of the church was John B. Verment of Massillon.

Verment apparently carved a tombstone at St. Joseph in Tiffin shown in an earlier post (third picture):

According to "Artists in Ohio, 1787-1900," Verment worked as a carver of stone and marble in the Massillon area in the mid-1880s; by 1889 he is listed as an architect.

The article also had some illustrations of the stained glass windows. Above is an illustration on the left, and on the right is how the window looks today.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bells and Spire

St. Alphonsus originally had three bells. They were cast at the Meneely Bell Foundry in 1873. The total cost for all three bells was $1,737. The bells weighed 1,763, 928, 558 pounds respectively. The largest note (is presumed) to be an F, the middle a Bb, and the smallest a D. In 1952, the largest bell cracked and was removed. (i presume the largest to be an F because that would create a Bb major chord (or triad))

The middle (Bb) bell. A victim of grafitti. It bears the inscription "Honorem Dei Sub Titulo Santi Maria Virginis"

The smallest, (D) Bears the words "Honorem Dei Sub Titulo Santi Alphonsi"

Above is the view looking up into the spire. It goes about halfway up where there is a level with a floor. Vents and a door used to be up there for access to the upper part of the steeple.

Coming soon...The early years of St. Joseph's in Monroeville!

Shrine Park, Carey

Sunday, September 14, 2008