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Thursday, December 29, 2011

St. Michael, Gibsonburg

Some interior photos can be viewed HERE.

No snow yet . . .

Designed by architect William P. Ginther, built in 1905. Rumor has it there's a book about Ginther in the works.

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Fr. Aloysius Horn

Fr. Aloysius Horn (1899 - 1971), a Fremont priest, had a great love for Christmas. He started the American Christmas Crib Society, and in 1941 wrote "A Christmas Chronicle," a book of vignettes of Christmas throughout the ages.

In 1967, he was invited by First Lady Lady Bird Johnson to be part of the Christmas Tree lighting ceremonies at the White House. (Above photo is from an obituary.)

The above article about St. Rose in Lima is from 1935. Note that "a helium halo is used behind the head of the Infant."

In a Catholic Chronicle interview, Fr. Horn said he had been inspired by the elaborate Christmas festivities planned by the Rev. Dr. Seraphin Bauer of St. Joseph parish in Fremont.
An earlier post can be read HERE.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All Saints, Rossford

All Saints church in Rossford has a series of stained glass windows of various saints in its Blessed Sacrament chapel. (We think these are from Ss. Cyril and Methodius church, which combined with St. Mary Magdalene to form All Saints.) Pictured above is St. Gabriel.

St. Veronica, with a "k".

The tabernacle.

You can see more photos of the chapel HERE, and many photos of the rest of church HERE, taken during the recent concert by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. Many thanks to Shari for sharing these!

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Outreach to Deaf Persons, 1917

There's a fascinating article about Toledo's Bishop Schrembs ministering to the deaf community of Toledo in 1917; click HERE. A representative of the St. John Institute for Deaf-Mutes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, met with the bishop and priests from St. John's University downtown. And Traffic Officer Malcolm O'Sullivan helped too!

From reading the article, I believe that the back row of people in the photo above were deaf Catholics who had been confirmed by Bishop Schrembs. Also, second from the right in the first row is Mgr. A. J. Schwertner, who was later Bishop of Wichita.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

St. Joseph, Crestline

Be sure to check out the slide show at the Catholic Chronicle to see renovations at St Joseph Church in Crestline. Click HERE.

You can view other photos and drawings of the plans HERE.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Toledo Churches, 1919

Above is a list of Catholic churches in Toledo from the 1919 Dreher's Street and House Number Guide. I had not heard of Our Lady of the Rosary, 129 Paine Ave., on the East Side.

You can look at the full directory online, click HERE.

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Up North . . .

Many photos of churches in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan, can be viewed HERE.