Friday, November 7, 2014

A New Steeple

Last year about this time, the steeple and belfry of St. Mary's in Norwalk was damaged in a wind storm. The steeple was removed along with the belfry, and a temporary box was put over the bell and digital carillon to protect it until the new steeple could be raised.

Just this week the newly designed/repaired steeple was put into place.(photos below by Mike Doughty)

In other news of the parish - there is much interior damage, especially to the ceiling, that needs to be addressed. A capital campaign has been started to raise funds for the repairs. Please see the website for more details and to donate online.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ecclesiastical Architects, Artists, and Artisans - 4th Edition!

Pittsburgh author Delma Tallerico has just released the fourth edition of her book, Ecclesiastical Architects, Artists, and Artisans in America: 1860-1920.  Several of the architects and artists have substantial works in the Toledo Diocese.  You can see a preview and table of contents by clicking HERE and selecting the Preview.  (Cover photo is St. Agnes Church in Brooklyn, NY.)