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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ave Maris Stella

St. Paul, Norwalk

I always try to find something good to say about a church interior. Since this morning's posting, I've recieved more pictures of St. Paul's. Good? Well, they didn't rip out the vaulting and put in a drop ceiling. They left the lighting fixtures in place instead of replacing them with plastic mushrooms. A few good statues were left in place, rather than being hauled off to the rubbish bin. That's about it.
I'm going to be nice and assume all these frou-frou draperies were there for a trailer park wedding. You'll notice a big empty choir loft. I suppose if you want to deny the crucifixion, which seems to be the point of placing that vintage 60's hippie, with arms outstretched, over the altar, the choir loft must seem like a good place to hide the crucifix.
They do have an organ. I simply fail to understand the reasoning behind putting it upfront and blocking windows. With all that bloody orange the place needs all the extra light it can get. I pray most of the congregation is color blind.
Oh, yes, they spared two of the original windows, in the sanctuary. The rest were replaced with something that rather reminds me of a harem. Actually, that, and the orange and the draperies and the hippy over the altar make me think of what this interior looks like. It looks exactly like a 60's hippy's wildest fantasy of a perfect place to smoke hash. Which leads to the inevitable question. WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE PEOPLE SMOKING?

Our Lady of Consolation, Carey

Has anyone heard whether there's been any damage?
Photo by Alex Fries.

St. Paul, Norwalk

This is gone. Judging by the choir loft, which seems to be empty except for a crucifix, ( At least there's one in the place, even if it's at the wrong end. ) I'm not sure they even have an organ. Bongos and tambourines, perhaps, to match the old-fashioned "spirit of Vatican II" decor? Sorry for the sarcasm, but it makes my blood boil to see a beautiful church made into a butt-ugly mess just to satisfy someone's damn fool notions.