Monday, January 7, 2008

St. Isidore, Delaware Bend

This is the first time I've had pictures of this church. Thanks to Jeff and Bridget Bockey for sending them.
So many of the rural parish churches are brick that it makes a pleasant change to find a frame one. Very appealing building, and I like the arrangement of the windows.

Now, this is a wonderful idea. Take a statue of the Risen Lord and use it as the centerpiece of a full scale mural of the Ascension. Someone out there has a knack for surprising innovations. Wouldn't mind getting a closer look. The painting looks very well done.
I have to say that, just when I think the diocese isn't going to surprise me again, something like this crops up and I have to eat my words. I am very impressed with this parish.
There's more, though. Wonder of wonders, they have a Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Have a look. Congratulations, and lavish praise, are deserved.

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