Monday, January 28, 2008

A Nod to Wittenberg

I've been posting pictures of St. Lucas' Lutheran Church, in the Old South End, at Back to Damerosehay.

NB: It just occurred to me that some people might not know that Wittenberg was the town where Martin Luther lived.


ShariYS said...

After being ordained, Martin Luther became a professor of theology at the University of Wittenberg and it was where he eventually wrote his 95 Theses (although there is dispute as to whether or not he actually nailed them to the door of the Castle Church!). However, he was both born and died in Eiselben. He is buried in the Castle Church, underneath the pulpit. How apropos.

If anyone would like to read the 95 Theses - which actually take the form of a thoughtful essay - you can do so here:

Thanks for posting the photos of St. Lucas. Such a truly beautiful church ...

Jeffrey Smith said...

If Tetzel hadn't been such a twit and the German nation hadn't been ready for an upheaval, and the political situation in the papacy had been better, I suspect the whole thing could have been avoided.