Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quite a Find

Kevin Hammer managed to find an online book that's well worth reading, "Nineteenth Century German-American Church Artists", by Ammemarie Springer. HERE'S the link. There's a chapter on Ohio, but do yourself a favor and read the whole thing. The whole field of 19th century religious art needs to be better studied and documented and this book is a very welcome addition to the subject.
The Toledo Diocese is represented by St. John, in Glandorf, including the picture at the top, by Johann Schmitt, and the pulpit, by F. & H. Schroeder and Company, of Cincinnati, which was displayed at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.


Kevin Hammer said...

A few things to add, since I've had a chance to look at the book in more detail:
--It makes more sense now that Fr. T.M. Kolb may have built altars for his churches, as his obituary says he went to St. Vincent's Benedictine college, and this book notes that all were required to take art classes.
--A Wood Co. history from 1897 says that St. Louis in Custar has work by F.X. Hefele, of Cincinnati, a graduate of the Academy of Painting, in Munich.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Anyone been inside to see if it's still there?
St. Vincent's was bound to stress the arts. Back then, most of the monks were direct from Bavaria, where a flowering of church design was taking place. They even have a big, and tolerable, art collection, since King Ludwig I kept sending them pictures.
If you look closely, Kolb's altar is rather simple, and the sort of thing a serious ameteur could make. Just had to buy the statuary and the tabernacle doors.