Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something to Remember

Blogs, when taken in perspective, can be fun, and they can be a useful source of information. There's one thing they are not. Blogs, including this one, have no authority in the Church. A blog may say this, that, or the other thing is the teaching of the Church. Most likely it is, but you don't know that without confirmation from an authoritative source. It's your responsibility to find out, rather than taking the word of someone you don't know. How can you do that? Ask your pastor. If you're still not sure, ask your bishop. No one ever said priests, or even bishops are infallible, but you're a lot safer taking their word than the word of someone with an opinion and a keyboard. You also have the catechism and the official documents of the Church. You'll find some useful links to them in the sidebar at the right of this page. Opinions and discussion can be a good thing, but you have the responsibility of finding out for yourself if they're valid.

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