Tuesday, January 15, 2008

St. Joseph Monroeville

If you're wondering...this is in the inside of the church; the sanctuary to be exact. I know very little of the history of St. Joe's. (the staff there is working on compiling a history...) So the Reconstructed part of it I'm guessing just means a huge renovation. If someone knows more that i do (probably so) please leave a comment.

These four following windows are the sanctuary windows. I can't identify the people but i bet Jeffery can.

I absolutely love this church. It's all my favorite colors in perfect combination. I love walking in there, when there are no lights on, and turning them on and just watching the colors jump out at you as the lights warm up. It's just amazing to me.

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Jeffrey Smith said...

I've never seen a new cornerstone added for so little work. I hate those multi-date ones. "Reconstructed" can mean anything from remodelled to rebuilt from the ground up. In this case they just redecorated and did a bit of work on the outside. Taking out the central door, for example.
Can't place the first saint until I wake up and think about it. The second one would be St. Joseph, with his carpenter's square and the flowers. The Madonna is after a painting, but I'll have to figure out which one later. Last one's St. Therese of Lisieux, which shows these windows were made later than their style seems to suggest.