Wednesday, January 9, 2008

St. Mary, Edgerton

I'll start with the most important feature, the work of John de Rosen. I consider these to be the finest murals in the diocese, and yes, that includes the cathedral.
In fact, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable in saying they're among the artist's best work. Finding work like this in a rural parish is surprising, even to me, and I'm fast coming to expect surprises around here. How many other rural parishes can say they have paintings by an artist whose work is found in the private chapel at Castel Gandolfo?
Unfortunately, the third work, a tryptich altarpiece was closed when the pictures were taken. If you're not familiar with the term, a tryptich is an altarpiece consisting of a central panel, with two side panels that can be closed over the center, like doors. If there are more than two wings, it's called a polyptich. From what I've heard and from the scanned newspaper picture I've seen, this one's magnificent. Good to see the Divine Mercy picture's been added to the base.
The window looks like exceptional work, as everything in this church seems to be.
Photos by Jeff and Bridget Bockey

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