Friday, December 7, 2007


The annual Old Darby Homecoming Mass will be celebrated at Immaculate Conception ( Nicknamed Old Darby ) parish, on Sunday, at 3:00 PM.
Afterward, the ladies will be having one of their receptions, which are usually on par with whatever's the best reception you've ever even dreamed of. I'd use the phrase "groaning board", but it would be an understatement.
This is an opportunity to have a good look at one of Toledo's greatest churches. I'll admit I'm biased, but since the recent restoration was a part of the "Save America's Treasures" project of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, I'm obviously not alone in my opinion.
The rectory, a hundred years old next year, will be open for examining the William F. Matthews mural.
This stained glass window, over the parlor fireplace, shows that there's more to see than the mural.
Unless the cold or snow gets out of control, I'll be there. Hobbling about on a cane and blowing like a grampus, but I'll be there.


Jeffrey Smith said...

A potluck is a different animal, altogether. Most receptions are just a few cookies and hors d'ouervres.

ShariYS said...

GASP!...I knew this place had been restored, and what a beautiful job they did...maybe I'll drop by (with or without my mother, who is ribbeting like a frog this morning)...and a "reception" at Reformation usually amounts to a full-course gastronomic blowout!