Monday, August 19, 2013

Gerhard Lamers, Artist

The artwork of Gerhard Lamers has not been featured previously on this blog -- this is hopefully the first step in highlighting his works.

Lamers was born in Kleve, Germany, near the Dutch border in 1871, studied at the Munich Art Academy, and started an art school in Muenster.  He first visited America in 1925 to work on the cathedral in Wheeling, WV [update: presumably as assistant to Felix Lieftuchter, source HERE, page 12].  He returned to the U.S. in 1928, and while he was associated with the many German Catholic artists of Cincinnati, his style was much different, with one writer noting that he "leans heavily on Byzantine prototypes.  His angels, saints and apostles . . . are elongated, archaic bodies, reminiscent of mosaics in Eastern European churches of the tenth and eleventh centuries."

He was quite active in Ohio and the Midwest.  Some examples include:

  • The apse mural of Mother of Sorrows at Put in Bay, which can be seen HERE.  It is also featured in the first pages of the Toledo Diocese History from 2009.
  • Murals at Most Pure Heart of Mary in Shelby
  • Various works at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus
  • The shrine of Monte Casino at St. Meinrad, Indiana.
  • Holy Family church in Cincinnati (in the late 1940s)
Apparently Lamers was the subject of a retrospective exhibit at a museum in Kleve, Germany in 1980, "Der Kirchenmaler Gerhard Lamers."  (The Church Painter.)  Lamers died in 1964 in Cincinnati.  In the future, I hope to feature photos of his works.

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