Monday, November 5, 2007

Artistic Collaboration at Lourdes College

Toledo architect Willfred D. Holtzman and Mother M. Adelaide work on the design for the ceiling tiles of the Duns Scotus Library. Mother M. Adelaide was an avid ameteur architect and her ideas and influence, combined with Holtzman's design sense and expertise made Lourdes College the gem it is. The picture was taken in 1950. The other nuns are Mother Justinian and Sr. M. Michaeline.
Willfred Holtzman had a wonderful willingness to collaborate with the clergy. He and Msgr. Sawkins designed the tower caps at Immaculate Conception, in the Old South End.
In a curious bit of coincidence, the Blade recently published a letter to the editor from Holtzman's son, lamenting the destruction of the architect's favorite design. HERE it is.


Julie said...

Wow this is the first picture I've seen of my grandfather Holtzman at work. I've heard so much about his architecture that I am sad that I did not get the opportunity to see this before it was demolished. History should be preserved, unfortunately here on earth we don't treasure what's left to us by our ancestors! I know what he is building in heaven has got to be fantastic!

Jeffrey Smith said...

Holtzman was your grandfather? That's wonderful. The man was a genius.
If you happen to have a good picture of him, not at work, that you could scan and e-mail, I'd be very grateful. I'm doing work on Immaculate Conception and could use one, since he's one of the three architects responsible for the final design.

I should be posting pictures of Gesu once I get the situation there figured out.