Sunday, November 18, 2007

St. Mary, Norwalk

I posted EARLIER on the fact the this statue turns up in several local churches. So far we have sightings in Good Shepherd; St. Mary, Norwalk; St. Patrick's; St. Augustine, in Napoleon; and maybe at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine, in Bellevue.
Here are some close-ups from St. Mary, Norwalk.
St. Mary also has the nicest wainscoating I've ever seen in a church.
The label says it came from the Daprato Statuary Company, in Chicago and New York. They seem to have had a wide variety of products and some of the designs can be seen HERE. I'll do a bit of research and post more on the company sometime. If it's metal, I suspect it may be zinc. They used it a good bit.
Photos by Alex Fries.

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stmoniker said...

This statue of the Pieta is listed as model #523 in the Daprato 1928 catalog. The statue in these two photos is not in its original factory paint, but has been poorly repainted. This model is quite common and was a big seller for the Daprato Studios, as examples of it can be found in many churches today. Unfortunately many have suffered through re-painting.