Sunday, November 18, 2007

Immaculate Conception, Ottoville

Remarkable picture. It's called Ottoville Sunset and it's by Debra Joyce Dawson. You'll find prints of it, and a lot of other good pictures, at The Land We Call Ohio. They seem to have a painting for every county in the state, and Immaculate Conception Church, in Ottoville is a natural for any artist.


Sri Debi said...

Hello. I am Debra Joyce Dawson, the artist that painted that picture "Ottoville Sunset". It was painted as part of the Paint Ohio Project, a bicentennial project to depict the entire state in it's bicentennial year. You are right that there are prints available and also a book entitled "The Land We Call Ohio." There were six artists painting that project. We divided the entire state up and I painted 16 counties. While painting, a stranger stopped to talk to me. I told them about the project and that I was painting Putnam Co. They said, "Oh then you will have to paint a church, that county has so many interesting churches." When I got there, and started driving around I found that they were correct. I'd started at the historical society and was told that there had been a "spire war" to see who could build the tallest spire - just like they had in Europe. The man behind the building of the Emmaculate Conception relized that he would be able to afford the tallest spire and so he built a church with two spires. I drove around the county and looked at each church and was intrigued with the double spires. I'd been to Chartres in France, and loved that double spire, but it wasn't until I was leaving for my drive home that I fixed on the image in the painting. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw this incredible October sunset. I pulled over and got out to take photos of the spires against that sunset. What I didn't know was that I had also gotten the grain elevators, and some houses. The sun was so bright it was hard to see what was really there. But the image said everything I could think to say about that county, a farming community with a respect and reverence for religion. Thanks for posting my image on your blog and giving me credit for painting it. The painting now lives in Columbus, OH in a private collection.

Jeffrey Smith said...

My goodness, you found that fast. It's a wonderful picture of a beautiful building.

Kevin Hammer said...

I see there's also a painting for Perry County, St. Joseph's Dominican Friary, very significant in Ohio Catholic history.
And the Overland Inn for Wyandot Co. is very good as well.