Sunday, November 18, 2007

Can't These People Read?

Sorry, but that's what THIS boils down to. A few discontented members of a closed parish are suing the Diocese because the Diocese wants the windows preserved for future use rather than left in an empty building.
Now, there are a few matters that have to be made plain here. First, contrary to the misleading headline, the parish isn't suing anyone, because the parish doesn't exist. Second, all you have to do is read the latest recorded deed, which will tell you the Diocese owns the property.
These people have no legal standing whatsoever and they should be ashamed of their disgusting behavior. In general, I sympathize with people in positions like this, but they lose my sympathy when they show they don't know the first blasted thing about the Church they claim to belong to. Once and for all, the Church is not built on a Congregational system. If they want that, they can become Baptists, instead of filing frivolous lawsuits. No court is going to order the Church to bow down before a few malcontents and change its form of government to suit their whim.

No comments, please. If you don't recognize the authority of bishops, you have no damn business calling yourself Catholic, period.

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Anonymous said...

Jeffrey -

So I take it you are Catholic again? I'm sure that many people are glad to hear that the bump of a few weeks ago was only a small detour.