Thursday, November 29, 2007

St. Christopher, Rocky River

Sure,not quite in the Toledo Diocese, but it was near the store i got my camera at. Thusly, they were the first pictures i really took with my new camera. Just to note....this is a very recently built church. If i remember correctly, 1954 was the year. Something else eh? Here's their website.

I wonder what that little building is? (attached there with the pointed roof) I didn't have much time to roam around and see.

One of the better choir lofts i've ever seen. I'd love to have a baby grand piano in church to bang on.

I really like what they did with the center pipes. The windows are very modern looking, but also very tastefully done to match the church.

This is a much needed touch to the sanctuary. Otherwise, it would be pretty bland.


Jeffrey Smith said...

If I had to guess, I'd say the little addition was meant for a baptistry.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Two other points.
The icons in the panelling, behind the altar are fantastic.
The crucifix has a detail that's usually overlooked. Scraped knees. Falling while carrying the Cross would have to cause them, but how often do you see them on a crucifix?

ShariYS said...

1954??! How nice to see such a classic design to a church built at that time ... and those walls DON'T look like naked cinderblock, which one sees entirely too much of in churches built during the 50's ... how refreshing!