Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mary Manse College

"Of all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these; it might have been."
This is Edward O. Fallis' design for the Ursuline Academy ( later Mary Manse College, and now the Collingwood Arts Center ), in the Old West End. There were to be fifteen buildings, interconnected and arranged around three courtyards. He even included a power plant. That's it, with the stack, at the lower left. The chapel's to the right, flanked by two smaller courtyards. The most interesting feature is the gatehouse tower, at the upper right. Oh, my goodness, I'd have liked to have seen that built.
Construction was started in 1903, but obviously it was never finished. Only the music building, academy, and auditorium were built. Take a good look at them sometime. They have a definite air of isolation about them, as if something's missing.


cjhardy said...

Loved the sketch of Mary Manse. My sister went to St. Ursula in the 1950's. In it's heyday it housed St. Ursula, Mary Manse College and St. Angela Hall (facing Parkwood). Wonderful space and the acoustics of the auditorium were amazing.
If you get a chance, tour Collingwood Arts Center. They have attempted to preserve the historical integrity of these buildings.
This is a wonderful blog; I visit it often.


Candace J Hardy
Candace J Hardy

Jeffrey Smith said...

Now that I'm living a couple blocks away I'm sure I will.
Good timing. I just walked past St. Angela Hall last evening and couldn't remember what it was called. Pictures next week.