Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Facing Unpleasantness

Coming from an old-line British background, I was raised to enjoy long distance walking. Today, I planned to walk Downtown, but had to face the fact that my days of walking that far are over. Only made it as far as SS Peter and Paul, where I took this picture of their wonderful mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
A bit less than two years ago, I was able to walk from the area around Danny Thomas Park to the Museum of Art, wander around there for hours, then walk back. A year ago, I could walk Downtown and back easily. Now, I can barely manage half that distance, even with frequent stops. Arthritis and a bad lung will have that effect. Still, it's not an easy thing to accept.

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corky said...

Dear Jeffrey -

My husband's grandmother suffers from osteoarthritis and is in considerable pain from it. I'm sorry to hear that this is part of what you are burdened with.