Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Former SS Peter and Paul School, Old South End


Anonymous said...

When you write "former" do you mean that it was closed or was it renamed?

Jeffrey Smith said...

It merged with the schools from Immaculate Conception and St. James to form Queen of Apostles School.
The building's used as a parish hall now.

laura barlow said...

Hi-wow! I went to St Pete's back in the '70s and graduated from 8th grade in 1980. Here I am, here in charleston sc, in the air force raising three kids (I'm a single mother of three), and so far, am doing all right. Feeling a bit nostalgia lately about my childhood, though. Here in the redneck country (hey, i love sc), there really isn't a lot of catholics like there is in the north. Of course, I was one of the few non hispanics that attended st pete's and even to this day, when i meet a hispanic person, i don't immediately pick up on their background. My first grade teacher was Sr Vianney and I think fondly of her still. Better than most teachers, in my opinion. Just thought I'd add my two cents' worth of sharing my own personal experiences. Oh, the church interior is almost identical to what it was when I last seen of it back in 1990 (at my mom's funeral). Back then, a former Fr Clancy was the pastor there. laura