Wednesday, August 20, 2014

St. Nicholas, Miller City

Designed by architect William Ginther, dedicated in 1902.  Note the dormers along the roof, no longer there.  Image courtesy of the Walleye Warrior's ebay collection -- see more post cards HERE.


Unknown said...

Interesting. I assume the nave was completely rebuilt at some point? The current clerestory/roof condition is completely different than the historic postcard. I was also struck when visiting at how the character of the interior (which almost seems Byzantine or Lombard Romanesque), is much different than the Gothic Revival exterior typical of Ginther.

Kevin Hammer said...

Someone mentioned that a tornado had hit the church. I checked in Mossing's Diocese history, and on March 9, 1918, a tornado destroyed the church pictured in the post card. Within a year, the parish had rebuilt a church that is similar to the previous one, but not the same. So you are correct!