Thursday, May 15, 2008

St. Mary, Sandusky

I just recieved several e-mails with pictures of St. Mary's. Frankly, I'm still in shock. I knew it was good, but it's even better than I expected.
The statue was re-gilt recently.
See what I meant about the apse? It would fit right into a German village.
Always good to see the Vatican flag flying.
I'd like to thank everyone involved in gathering the pictures. It seems to have been a parish-wide project, and there are enough for about four days of posts. You'll be impressed.


Irene said...

But next to the flag of the Empire???????

Irene said...

Same empire, different flag.

The Vatican flag should fly alone. Associating it with secular symbols is not appropriate.

Irene said...

Excuse me, Kyle -- and Jeffrey -- I have no desire to be argumentative.

Please permit me to observe that the empire diametrically opposes the teachings of the Holy Father. To my way of understanding, that makes flying the empire's flags within sight of the Vatican flag, blasphemy.

Does this make me an extremist?

Jeffrey Smith said...

No. I tend to agree, to a point. However, I'm from an area where a lynch mob, figuratively or literally, would be possible, so I choose my battles.