Sunday, May 11, 2008

St. Joseph, Fremont

These were e-mailed to me by one of our regular sources.
Apparently, the crucifix is the one that was replaced by the Risen Christ statue of recent years. ( I hope they put that to good use elsewhere. It looked like a decent piece of sculpture, just not as appropriate as a crucifix. )

Looks much better without that glaring white paint. Notice the fancywork around the statue of St. Joseph. Does anyone know what the railing, at the left, is? Almost looks like it spirals.
Now THAT is the way to handle Victorian plasterwork.

The parish should be congratulated. They've done an excellent job.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you're correct, it's a wheelchair ramp.


Emily said...

My 4th Great Grandfather Joseph Hofelich Sr. donated the wood from his property for the pews and also was said to have built them. Very proud to be a part of the history of St.Joseph Catholic Church.
Denise (Hofelich) Rogalinski