Saturday, May 10, 2008

St. Louis, Custar

These were e-mailed to me by Mike Doughty, who took them c1978.
I definitely like that tower. Unfortunately, it's now marred by an addition, which would look very good anywhere except tacked on to the front.

The paint job was 70's blah. Looks much better now. The more I see of that lamb, over the tabernacle, the more I'd like to have a close look.
St. Michael, after the painting by Raphael.
Good windows.

You'll notice the Stations of the Cross weren't there. A lot of things that disappeared in the 70's are coming back. ( Deo Gratias! )
The statue at the top of the picture is St. Louis, Louis IX, King of France. He was a rarity, a saint who was a good king. I'm afraid most of the crowned saints weren't.


Alex Fries said...

Where is Custar?

Jeffrey Smith said...

Around the middle of the western border of Wood County.

Alex Fries said...

is that a felt banner on the balcony?

Jeffrey Smith said...

It was the 70's. I'm surprised it wasn't behind the altar.