Thursday, May 15, 2008

Holy Trinity, Assumption

The church is simple, but the furnishings are absolutely first-rate. Every piece is a gem. Look at the shrine, on the wall, at the left of the picture. Perfect.
I understand the parish may be building a new church. Given that, I want to make a personal appeal to them. Please, don't abandon your heritage. Those shrines and side altars would look fantastic in a contemporary interior. Don't dump them in storage, or sell them to who knows where. Use them. Future generations will thank you. Don't let anyone sell you a bill of goods about artistic integrity, either. You don't have to put a new church together like an old-fashioned 1950's living room "suite". Everything doesn't have to match. "Mix and match worked perfectly for the English country houses and the great churches of Europe. It can work just as well for you.
Holy Trinity has artwork it can be very proud of.

Photo courtesy of Sean Lyons of Roamin' Catholics.

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