Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rosary Cathedral

An architect's sketch, showing the unbuilt tower.
Compare it to this picture of the Giralda, at Seville, and you'll see the inspiration.
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Irene said...

The architect's rendering is beautiful -- but I'm still glad it never was built, since it would have overwhelmed the cathedral.

Alex Fries said...

so why didn't they build it?

Jeffrey Smith said...

As for me, I'd say it's never too late.
The Depression hit and no one had money to build it. The whole project had been fiddled with and changed so many times, they were probably happy to call a halt and enjoy it. If you look closely, there are several minor differences between the drawing and the finished product. The pinnacles along the side, for example.

ShariYS said...

The tower would have been nice, but the Cathedral is magnificent enough without it!