Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good News

Sean Lyons has started posting again, at Roamin' Catholics. This week's visit was to St. Jerome, in Walbridge.
I'd like to comment on my reaction to the place, but I'm afraid it leaves me speechless. Mark that on your calendars. It doesn't happen often.
I'll mention one detail. The statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph, at the right of the picture, are the same set you'll see at St. Pius X.


Irene said...

Now I understand why I didn't remember this church -- it was because it was built several years after I left Toledo. And I'm very sorry, no, it's not very impressive (judging from just this one image).

Sean Lyons said...

Irene, by the time I took the photo, the church was beginning to fill up for First Communion, which made it difficult to get more photos.
As for the church, if I were to judge a Parish on looks alone (which would definitely be hypocritical), I wouldn't go back. Nothing stood out and had my attention from the word go.