Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bishop Schrembs' Installation, 1911

Public processions were nothing unusual in those days. Frankly, we need more of them.


Irene said...

"St. John's College"??? I guess that was before my time (and very few things were). Where, what, why, how, who?

Jeffrey Smith said...

It was a business and music college on Superior, in the Vistula District. One big building, long gone, but they had a few smaller ones that have survived. I believe they owned the Casey-Pomeroy House and the old Westminster Presbyterian Church. Started in the 1890's and went under during the Depression. St. John's Jesuit High School is an offshoot.

Irene said...

Ah, another casualty of the depression that destroyed Toledo. Jeffrey, thank you for adding to my knowledge of the history of my home-town.