Sunday, May 25, 2008

Janos, Cardinal Csernoch, Archbishop of Esztergom

Cardinal Csernoch, who as Primate of Hungary had crowned Bl.Karl of Austria as King of Hungary, was present at the laying of the cornerstone of Rosary Cathedral, in 1926.


A Simple Sinner said...

What a curious and fascinating episode of history!

Do we know about how it came to be the case the venerable Cardinal was in Toledo for that occasion? Was he touring the US or was he here just for the event?

How fascinating!

Jeffrey Smith said...

I believe he was here for a Eucharistic Congress in Chicago, and a tour of Hungarian parishes, including St. Stephen's in East Toledo. Cardinal Reig y Casanova, the Archbishop of Toledo was here around the same time, but I haven't tracked down a picture of him yet.
At least three Archbishops of Esztergom visited St. Stephen's. Mindszenty was here twice.