Friday, March 2, 2007

St. Mary, Norwalk

I like that blue glow from behind the altar. Excellent apse.
The Stations of the Cross look wonderful.


Jay Anderson said...

Where did you find these photos? I've been looking for interior photos on the web, but with no luck.

And yes, the Stations of the Cross at St. Mary are gorgeous.

Jay Anderson said...

Never mind. I see that you found them at the parish website. I'd never seen those before. I think the website has been recently updated.

Here's a photo of St. Mary's beautiful Annunciation window.

Here's our statue of the Blessed Virgin.

Here's our statue of St. Joseph and the Child Jesus.

Our Sanctuary windows.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Borrowed them from the parish website. To be perfectly honest, navigation can be tricky on parish websites. To got to the pictures, you have to go to the history of the parish link at the right, then find the links on the text. Not quite how I would do it, but at least they're there.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Excellent links. I'll post on them tomorrow. Too good to stay in the comments.