Saturday, March 10, 2007

More From Roamin' Catholics

Today, I'll link to the page for DECEMBER. This one has a full slate of seven churches and only one fails to score a high mark.
1. Christ the King: This is a good design. The undulating line of the ceiling is very interesting. Never seen that done before. Beautiful work. The crucifix is magnificent, one of the best in town. I'd like to get a better look at those windows. They look like they add a lot to the design. Overall, not bad at all.
2. St. John the Baptist: Again, good. Nice altar. Looks like it's stone. Another very good crucifix. The glass looks interesting and I love that statue of the Holy Family. Once again, not bad at all.
3. St. Michael: Another winner. This seems to have been the month for particularly fine crucifixes. The whole reredos works well, with that grape pattern down the sides. There seem to be small murals on the side walls. I'll have to get a better look at that. Finally, those are seriously impressive candlesticks. Three for three.
4. Regina Coeli: There's one in every crowd. The building isn't bad. Rather nice, in fact. That's the only good thing I can say. Looks like they furnished it from Ikea. The building's a winner. The rest is a miserable failure.
5. Gesu: Another winner! This is wonderful work. That semicircular apse is in the finest tradition of ecclesiastical design. Everything about it is superb. The murals, the stone facing on the lower level. Background color might be a bit off, but that's nitpicking. Good altar, too. I have to get out there for a closer look.
6. Saints Peter and Paul: One of my favorites. Almost perfectly preserved. Just look at it! That altar. Notice the angel torcheres at the sides. One of the best notes is the gold glass mosaic insets in the altar, pulpit, and communion railing. Nice to see the rail hasn't been vandalized for the usual dimwitted idealogical reasons. It's a beauty and, let's face it, it's not in the way. Guess what. The rest of the building is just as good as the part in the picture. Due to its age and condition, it's one of Catholic Toledo's greatest landmarks.
7. Blessed Sacrament: This may be the best modern interior in the diocese. Magnificent! Good basic design. Excellent details. That Last Supper altarpiece is a gem. Didn't forget the crucifix, either. Good for them. The whole thing's beautiful. Good job!

Update: After writing this post, I looked at the website for Regina Coeli parish, hoping to find some further good point. I found two. The exterior design is very good. There are also two very good statues of Our Lady. It's a too bad the pitiful way the sanctuary is handled ruins a potentially good design.

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