Tuesday, March 13, 2007

St. Michael's, Kelley's Island

Our friend Kevin Hammer has been at it again. Another interesting find. This time it's a website with some pictures from St. Michael's on Kelley's Island. You'll find it HERE. Just do a keyword search for "catholic" and you'll find pictures of the church and some very good ones of a procession. We need to see more of those.
Now, my opinion of the building? I love it. Simple but beautiful. That tower is very well done. Look at the top section and the corner buttresses at the base. I have to see this one someday.
I found this wonderful painting, by local artist Joe Corso. I hope he won't mind my posting it if I tell you to go to this WEBSITE for information about notecards and prints. There's more of his work, as well. We need to encourage good artists, like Mr. Corso.

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