Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good Shepherd, East Toledo

I found this picture of the interior, credit to the Chronicle. It's not very detailed, but it'll do until I can get better ones. The first thing you'll notice is the altars. Exceptional, and beautifully preserved. On the high altar, a statue of Our Lord, the Good Shepherd is flanked by St. Patrick and St. Boniface. The side altars are just as good. You'll also notice the murals and stencilling in the lunettes and the ceiling of the apse and side chapels. It's incredible work and I can't believe how well preserved it is. An interesting detail is the frieze of sheep that runs across the apse. It appears to be a later addition, but is every bit as good as the original work. To the left, the rectangular item is a very good painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I'm still amazed by the place. Everyone needs to realize that this interior is one of Toledo's greatest treasures.

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