Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Quote of the Day

From Father Zuhlsdorf, of What Does the Prayer Really Say. The "picnic table" refers to the sort of altar used for what an old priest in the 60's called "talking to your neighbor, not to God".

"Today I was strolling and found the Church S. Maria della Pace open. "Miracolo!", quoth I and entered. It is a gem. Standing before the church’s main altar I saw a picnic table pushed to the side of the sanctuary. What really got my attention, however, were a couple of young people looking at the sanctuary and talking about how beautiful it was. I heard one say, "Imagine, for Mass they put that nasty table (tavolaccia) in front of that!" They were all properly disgusted with the idea. The moral of the story? What the aging hippies think they need to do to engage "the people", "the people" don’t want. And today younger people, who are not hauling around the baggage of the ‘60’s don’t want what the hep-cats have pushed on us for years. "

But times are changing rapidly. I think we will see more and more younger priests ridding their churches of iron-boards and re-orienting the Mass once again. We are getting constant hints that this is path of the future. I am guessing the Holy Father might even talk more about this in a document."


Hooda Thunkit said...


Do you perhaps mean possibly an encyclical???

Jeffrey Smith said...

There's a document on liturgy due to be released on the 13th. The buzz on it is very, very, interesting.

Anon. seminarian said...

You can count on changes. If not from the top, then from the faithful and the younger priests of Jesus Christ. All done in a spirit of charity, of course.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Oh, the top doesn't worry me at all. I have absolute faith in Benedict the Magnificent and I'm very far from these curia-bashers. We also have a lot of good bishops. It's just that the bad ones make the headlines. The future? My advise to any seminarian would be to get those shades ready.