Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Good Idea

I've just been informed of a website called Roamin' Catholics. It's done by a group of young people who are planning to visit every church in the diocese. I think that's wonderful and I wish them well. The site has some very good pictures of the sanctuaries of each church and some interesting historical details. Very well done. Since we have some readily available pictures, I'm going to post links to the pages for each month of their project and make my own comments on the pictures. This link leads to the page for February. The churches are:
1. St. Pius X: They have one of the saint's zucchettos, so you can be sure I'm going to get out there and see it sometime. The sanctuary is a bit bland, but that arch behind the altar is good and the crucifix is magnificent. I like the arches at the sides, as well. Overall, the design has a lot of potential.
2. St. Martin de Porres: This is another of Toledo's architectural gems. I'll be posting on it in more detail next week. The best feature is the baldachin over the original altar. The mural in the apse and the arcades down the nave are exceptional. The new arrangement is unfortunate, but the beauty of the church has been well preserved.
3. St. Joseph, Sylvania: For something built in the 60's, this is really quite good. I love the design. Good crucifix, good organ, good glass. The only problem is the way the altar is rather overwhelmed by it all. That could be fixed. Overall, this is one of the best 60's churches I've seen.
4. Little Flower: I'm sorry to have to say this but there's absolutely no excuse for a church to be this disgustingly ugly. I've tried to think of something good to say, but there isn't anything.

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