Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Wave of the Future Award

....for the best example of the new eclecticism goes to St. Michael's in Findlay. Romanesque form, post-modern style. Excellent work.


Unknown said...

The new church of St. Michael's in Findlay is a sign of the good things happening in church architecture. Interestingly enough, the architect is a non-Catholic who took the time to learn from the Catholic tradition. Slowly (and happily) we are returning to more classic forms. If in Findlay, don't forget to check out the downtown church--with its excellent marble work and stained glass. Regarding the churches of Mercer County, I agree with the individual who commented on their beauty. It's worth a pilgrimage. None of them, however, compare to Putnam county's churches in Glandorf and Kalida.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Not much in the whole country can compare with Kalida. I've only seen two pictures of the interior at Glandorf.
Unfortunately, my mobility is limited.
Odd that you made this comment, now. I've just been thinking of a post on the future of church architecture.