Saturday, February 17, 2007

St. Mary, Tiffin: Part 2

There are two things about this building that are very unusual. One is the fenestration ( That's a fancy word for the windows ) They're of all shapes and sizes and arrangements. The way there's a round window over the rectangular ones, without an arch framing them, is something you don't see very often.
The other is those corner turrets on the transepts and the apse. It's a fairly common idea, but I've seldom seen them this big. Add a couple more feet on each side and they'd be full-scale towers. I like the ledge around then and the decorative pilaster-sort-of-thingummy.
Another surprise. There's a semicircular apse but it's surrounded by a nice little gabled extension. I can't help but wonder if anyone's ever gotten a complete count of the windows. Judging from the interior pictures, it'd be a lot of fun trying.
Thanks again to Kevin Hammer for the excellent pictures.

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