Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Few Words About This Blog

There are several purposes to this particular blog, in addition to the fun of it. One is as part of my research into the architecture of the area's churches. I'm always looking for more information. If you have anything that might be of help, don't hesitate to leave a comment, or e-mail me at
Pictures of churches anywhere in the diocese are particularly welcome.
Another purpose is to make residents of the area aware of what a treasure trove we have. There's an old line about familiarity breeding contempt. To an extent, it's true and needs to be counteracted.
The purpose of this blog is NOT to discuss theology. If you want that, ask your priest or click on the Vatican links in the sidebar. I WILL, however deal with regulations concerning church design and furnishing. A lot of nonsense has been spouted on the subject in the last few decades. Most of the rearrangements due to "Vatican II" had nothing to do with any of the Council's documents and everything to do with the desires of a few heterodox designers and "liturgists". When I see something wrong, I'll mention it. Changing it would be the bishop's problem, not mine. I certainly don't envy the man.


Terry said...

Another purpose is to make residents of the area aware of what a treasure trove we have.

I'm very familiar with Toledo. My wife is a UT alumna. When visiting my brother-in-law, a former resident of Holland, we'd always assist at a parish you have not profiled yet. I'm trying really hard to eliminate the phariseeism that seems to emanate from within me, but I still have an underlying anger that these treasures are all there, and yet I haven't been to any of them.

Jeffrey Smith said...

No need to be angry. They're not going anywhere. Plenty of time.

Terry said...

Perhaps "resentment" would have been a better word. Regardless, both are wrong and I need to let go of events from the past. Slowly but surely, He's working with me on it.

I also think some of it has to do with presently being in an architectural wasteland, especially in relation to churches.

As I mentioned on your other blog, I might end up there. And you're right, there will be plenty of time.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Checked your profile. South Florida? I see what you mean.