Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More on St. Thomas Aquinas

My post on St. Thomas Aquinas Parish mentioned some of the artwork. A commenter was kind enough to send links to the works in question. Above is the tapestry portrait of St. Thomas Aquinas, by John Nava. It's very good work. You'll find more information at the artist's website, HERE. Mr. Nava seems to have done a series of these tapestries for Corpus Christi University Parish. You'll find them HERE. They're beautiful work, but I have to mention a serious problem. The portrayal of individuals, no matter how praiseworthy, who have not been canonized as saints, complete with halo, is highly irregular. There is absolutely no excuse for acts like this. Fortunately, if the matter hasn't already been handled, it's the bishop's problem, not mine. I've found that when things like this happen in university parishes, it's usually not the students, but faculty members who are in need of a good swift kick.
I also mentioned the Stations of the Cross, colorful prints by an artist called Sieger Koder. They serve their purpose and add a lot to the atmosphere. You'll find a set of them HERE.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Obviously the work of a zealot.

Let's hope the Bishop is in a kicking sort-of mood.

My bet, not so much.

The "modern church" is in a hand basket, headed for a purging, IMO...

Anonymous said...

Some of the tapestries certainly serve an agenda of rewriting history.