Saturday, February 17, 2007

St. Mary, Tiffin: Part 1

I recieved four very good photographs by Kevin Hammer. They're perfect for my purposes, since they cover everything I'd like to point out.
These towers are some of the most interesting in the area. The window arrangement and those three cornices on the one on the right break a lot of rules. But they work so well that you start to wonder about the rules. The battlements are so completely different that I can't find words to describe them.
Another odd note is the fact that the plan is in the shape of a Greek cross. Does anyone out there know the name of the architect? Whoever he was, he knew how to be innovative. Never a dull moment with this one.
The porch is a sensible touch. People don't usually think about how useful these things can be. Sheltering the doors helps a bit with the heating and it's nice for the elderly and handicapped to have a covered space to wait while someone brings a car around. The porch has one of the best exterior arcades I've seen in this part of the state. Look at the way the arches flow together.
You can see a previous post on this church, with links to photographs of the interior by clicking HERE.

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