Monday, May 7, 2007

St. Anthony, Milan

Same building, but it's been radically remodelled. Even the tower was removed. This view is from the turn of the 20th century.
On a personal note, it was traumatic to realize that I couldn't say "the turn of the century" anymore, because I was in it.
Photo Courtesy of Alex Fries.


Afries52 said...

**There was a fire around the *turn of the century* which i believe started in the tower. it gutted the place so they repaired the church to pretty much the same way it was...except for a few different paint jobs. Then in the 60's i think, they had this brilliant idea to take the belfry out, and build a new one that didn't match in the back, put in a drop ceiling inside, get rid of all the alters, new blondish color pews...and the list goes on. *may i add the removal of the sanctuary windows. Dumb?? yes...Father Speier has actually be wondering if they could take the drop ceiling out...*the original roofs needs repairs's leaking all over the place...

Jeffrey Smith said...

That'd be the 60's, alright. Dumb.
Good for Fr. Speier. Keep us posted on that.