Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Man's Amazing!

( Photo liberated from the parish directory. )

There was an interesting surprise, at Mass, this morning. We had special music; a chanted and sung Mass in Honor of the Holy Spirit, composed by our own pastor, Father Paul Kwiatkowski. I knew he's been a violinist for the Perrysburg ( Right across the river. ) Symphony for years, but I hadn't expected this. The Mass was written in 1974, but if I hadn't seen the copyright date, I'd never have guessed. Those spots where the Gregorian influence breaks though are more in keeping with our own time. I thought it was fantastic.
For your information, Father Paul also teaches Latin, part time, at Central Catholic High School, and was ordained right under St. Peter's Chair, at the Vatican. He always has another surprise in store.
Remember, now, this isn't a Tridentine preserve, either, just the average, middle of the road parish, with a good priest.


Hooda Thunkit said...

The years have been kind to Fr. Paul.

You know, if there were Latin classes available outside of the classroom, I just might be tempted to... ;-)

Latin dropout after only two years; but I used to know the mass in Latin; that's how I learned to serve ;-)

Jeffrey Smith said...

An interest in Latin's making a comeback everywhere, much to the chagrin of liberal priests.