Monday, May 21, 2007

Be Careful What You Pray For

A while back, I made the mistake of praying for a boring life. I did this while remembering the old Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times". Let's just say I've led a very interesting life.
I didn't reckon with the fact that God has a sense of humor. If you don't agree, just look at an aardvark and read the Book of Jonah.
Suffice it to say, He answered the prayer by making my life more interesting than ever, but the vast majority of the new and interesting events are incredibly good.
I'm sorry for the sporadic posting and hope we'll get a bit more regular, soon. I'll also be catching up on my e-mails within the next couple days. Thank you all for bearing with me.

1 comment:

Hooda Thunkit said...

Just keep doing what you can, when you can.

I enjoy your posts, or I wouldn't keep stopping back.

And I'm pretty sure that I speak for all of the non-commenters too ;-)