Sunday, September 21, 2008

Early years of St. Joseph, Monroeville

The First church. It was originally the Methodist church. It was then bought in 1863.

Below is the original plan for the new St. Joseph's. They ran out of money before the got to the tower and most of the finer details. Rev. J.M. Peutz (who started the building) decided that it was too much a strain on himself and the parish to continue. He felt it was good enough to worship in.

Not sure when the picture below was taken, but probably before 1900. Hopefully i can get more details on that later and then make a re-post. It appears to be one of the founding pastor's funeral, but i'm not sure.


Jeffrey Smith said...

The pastor was right. It IS good enough. But that plan explains a lot of the oddities.

Irene said...

H-m-m-m. Is "good enough" ever good enough? But it sure would have been impressive with that bell tower.

Did Monroeville have electricity in 1900?

Alex Fries said...

That's a really good question Irene...It may have...(with the river being right next door) but it's really hard telling.