Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bells and Spire

St. Alphonsus originally had three bells. They were cast at the Meneely Bell Foundry in 1873. The total cost for all three bells was $1,737. The bells weighed 1,763, 928, 558 pounds respectively. The largest note (is presumed) to be an F, the middle a Bb, and the smallest a D. In 1952, the largest bell cracked and was removed. (i presume the largest to be an F because that would create a Bb major chord (or triad))

The middle (Bb) bell. A victim of grafitti. It bears the inscription "Honorem Dei Sub Titulo Santi Maria Virginis"

The smallest, (D) Bears the words "Honorem Dei Sub Titulo Santi Alphonsi"

Above is the view looking up into the spire. It goes about halfway up where there is a level with a floor. Vents and a door used to be up there for access to the upper part of the steeple.

Coming soon...The early years of St. Joseph's in Monroeville!


Alex Fries said...

Oh you should. It's well worth the experience.

Irene said...

Beware of the pigeon poop in belfreys -- it sometimes carries some very nasty infectious agents.