Wednesday, April 30, 2008

St. Mary, Millersville

I just recieved these, by e-mail, from a gentleman whose second-great-grandparents were founding members of the congregation. The windows look like they were good.
My source also sent some information from Mossing. The church was built in 1859, at a cost of $1,800.00. At the time, it was 36x50, but it was enlarged to a length of 95 feet, in 1882. That cost $5,000.00, showing that inflation is nothing new. Bishop Gilmour of Cleveland rededicated it on May 6, 1884.

This is very good. I like the side altars.

It was torn down to build the present church, so the pictures are from before 1920.

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HB said...

I feel compelled to leave my mark on this Millersville post, not unlike my immigrant great grandfather, George Schoeffel, did over a 1/2 century ago.

Upon the death of his 18-year old namesake son from Typhoid Fever and the subsequent death 40-days later of my great grandmother, George was irate at the Church. Although George died in 1940 a wealthy man, in the fall of 1900, he was of modest means. The St. Mary's Church priest refused to perform last rites for George's son because George was unable to pay "up front" for the services. At my great grandmother's death, her services were provided by a Congregational minister. George's words at the time of her death, 10:00 a.m., December 2, 1900, were as follows: "Money for the masses to pay for the dead; the more that is given, the more shall be said..."

My great grandmother's family immigrated from Alsace-Lorraine in 1832 to NY and then to Millersville, OH. Anna Maria "Mary" ANDRES Schoeffel was born and raised near St. Mary's Catholic Church, where she was christened May 6, 1860. In fact, the ANDRES family (some family members changed the spelling of their surname to Andrews) eventually donated their land to the Church.

H. Bundy, Clovis, CA (