Friday, April 11, 2008

Bishop Alter

Here are two pictures from Bishop Alter's installation, in June of 1931. This one's the first three bishops of Toledo. Bishop Schrembs, then Bishop of Cleveland; Archbishop Stritch of Chicago, not yet a cardinal; and Bishop Alter.
Here's the scene at St. Francis de Sales, which had been hastily repaired after a fire in January of the same year. You'll notice the high altar is missing, presumably for cleaning or repairs.
That crucifix is gone, now, as is that magnificent pulpit. Unfortunately, St. Francis de Sales has been the victim of some very questionable management decisions, over the years. What's survived makes that even more regrettable.


Anonymous said...

Bishop Alter was my brother-in-law's uncle. He and his wife were married by Bishop Alter at Holy Rosary Cathedral. I wasn't there, because it was before my marriage into the family. I understand there is a grade school named after him in Rossford.

ShariYS said...

Isn't that now All Saints?

Anonymous said...

Kyle, yes it is, especially since I'm Lutheran. :-)

Jeffrey Smith said...

Yes. He graduated from St. John's Jesuit.