Tuesday, April 1, 2008

St. Clement, Tremainsville Road

Ugliest church in the diocese? I've seen a picture of the interior, which is a bit better than the exterior. Of course, anything would be better than the exterior.


uncle jim said...

way back middle-late 60's, when my wife and i were youngly marrieds, we would occasionally attend Lord's Day Sunday eve mass at St Clement's ... as i recall, it then had the latest mass in the city to complete your obligation - and it was always packed.

benrr101 said...

It kinda reminds me of an Episcopal church. Like an old warehouse. Talk about simplification of the mass...


Michelle said...

I've attended St. Clement parish since 1992, have graduated one child from the school, and two others to follow. I agree that it isn't the nicest looking church from the outside...but this picture taken on a drab day doesn't help. I've got some other photos, if you'd like them.

According to historical documents I used when writing the church history, the building was considered "modern" in 1956--clean lines,almost Mission-style.
It's had some odd additions since then,like that entrance on the far left. The gutter system is also problematic--it sends a staining black silt down the facade.
It is getting a facelift this summer.
After Vatican II, the interior layout was shifted to move the altar to the center of the floor, surrounded on three-sides by pews. It's different.

Jeffrey Smith said...

They'd be more than welcome. I've only seen one picture of the interior, and now that you mention it, I'm curious about what it looked like originally.
By the way, the crucifix is a good one and the font looks awfully interesting.